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About Us

What we do and our capabilities:

CSL_aboutusWe provide the best customer service and the highest quality products in the market. Our specialties are skin care, hair care, body care, and OTC products. Examples of the types of products that we do are:

  • Skin Care Products: hand creams, hand lotions, liquid hand soaps, shaving creams, shaving gel, after shave lotions, after shave gels, facial toners, facial cleansers, facial moisturizers, eye creams, eye serums.
  • Hair Care Products: all types of shampoos, conditioners and styling gels.
  • Body Care Products: body washes, body lotions, body creams, massage creams, massage oils, facial masks, facial scrubs, anti-cellulite products, bath & shower gels, bath oils, foot creams.
  • Specialty Products: skin lightening creams, anti-aging creams, anti-aging serums, alpha- hydroxy products.
  • Over-The-Counter Products: Sunscreens with organic and inorganic filters, Anti-Dandruff shampoos, acne products, anti-fungal products, antiperspirants, topical analgesics.
  • Colored Products: liquid and cream foundations, make-up removers, BB Creams.

Our Certifications:

  • Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) Cosmetic Manufacturer.
  • Federal Department of Health and Human Services: Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
  • State of California Department of Public Health, Food and Drug Branch: Drug Manufacturing License.

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